Selena Gomez The Highest Earner On Instagram

Selena Gomez is one paid woman as she takes in the title for being the most paid earner for instagram.

The singer makes over half a million dollars for a single Instagram post, according to Hopper HQ, a site that allows users to schedule posts to the photo-sharing app.

At $550,000 per sponsored post, Gomez is the highest earner on Instagram.

“In the last couple of years, influencers and celebrities have really caught on to the fact that endorsing brands on Instagram pays off,” Mike Bandar, co-founder of HopperHQ says.

The main reason as to why she earns so much is due to the fact that she has the most followers on instagram, honing in 123 million followers. Second on the list comes Kim Kardashian West who has 101 million followers and makes $500,000 per sponsored post as well.

What’s surprising is that we spent a good five minutes trolling Gomez’s Instagram before finding an endorsement. The short video taken during the Toronto stop of her Revival tour on May 25 of last year shows Gomez flipping her hair and using hair spray with the hashtag #Pantene.

Gomez uses her account to post pictures with fans and to promote her own projects which falls into place as to why she is a good candidate to make a ton for sponsored posts due to her authentic following and growth of her account.


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