Interview: Chantly Jones – I Grind

1. What inspired I grind?

My experiences and other people trials and tribulations

2. Tell us your top 5 lyricist?

ll cool j,big daddy kane,slick rick,mc lyte,biz markie

3. Why do you feel your music is different from other artist?

My music is different because of my generation im a 80’s baby

4. Tell us who Chantly Jones is:

Chantly jones is real straight forward loving caring and is a person who understand the struggle

5. Do you feel that Charolette is making an impact on the music industry?

Yes i do

6. At what age did you start listening to Rap music?

I started at 6

7. What can you say has been your struggle as an artist?

Becoming homeless

8. Do you have a crazy story about how you got here like most other artist?


9. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years i see myself at the top and successful

10. What is your follow up to I Grind?

A record i hv called ballin


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