Av & Koreality – Sinful Healing – Featuring Ray Wunda & Brianne Taylor

Av & Koreality are brothers who happened to share the same vision and decided to bring their talents together to bring you music you can vibe to. Av born in 1993 and Korey born in 1990 didn’t meet each other till 1998. They share the same mother and instantaneously connected as if they grew up together. Together they hope to bring you refreshing sounds and relateable content, as they fulfill their dream of making music for people to turn to & promote individuality through original versatile soundtracks.

When asked about the record here’s what they had to say: “We all have our vices & ways of coping, Sinful Healing stems from an observation of our society and how everyone has their way of getting by along with their own guilty pleasures. We decided to showcase our own forms of Sinful Healing & teamed up with J Glaze on the production for the subtle yet catchy sounds.”


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