Major Storm Heading To Northeast Texas

A blockbuster snowstorm with blizzard conditions could bring travel to a standstill across parts of the Northeast late Sunday into Monday, just days after another major storm pummeled the area.

And a separate storm system will drop temperatures 55 degrees in Texas from Saturday to Monday, threatening snow, ice and rain from Amarillo to Lubbock, AccuWeather said.

In the West, a low-pressure system moving across northern Mexico will bring rain and thunderstorms across the lower elevations of Southwest states in the Four Corners region and snow in the southern Rockies, according to the National Weather Service.

Rain will spread into Texas by Monday; 1 to 3 inches of heavy rain is likely across west-central Texas.

In Texas, cool air will sweep away July-like heat that broke records on Friday and Saturday. Amarillo’s expected high of 35 on Monday could be 55 degrees lower than on Saturday, according to AccuWeather. The temperature in Dallas could drop 30 degrees from the upper 80s on Saturday to lower 50s on Tuesday, AccuWeather said.

The wintry mix of snow and ice will move eastward Monday from New Mexico into the Texas Panhandle.

“As hard as it is to believe, there will be some snow and wintry mix with this storm just days after areas reached or exceeded 90,” said Dan Pydynowski, AccuWeather senior meteorologist.




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