Have you heard? Eric Bright – “Love You Till the Dawn”

Get the new record everyone is talking about! A cool blend of House, Pop, R&B, and more! Eric Bright turns your ears inside out in his latest release!

Love You Till The Dawn” is a record compromised of multiple genres, compromised of R&B, Soul, Pop and House music all combined into one. Giving the people a soulful romantic sound, with lots of energy, that anyone can relate and dance to. “Love you till the dawn” is a vivid expression of one’s love for someone or a dream. In essence, “Love You Till The Dawn”, means love you forever.


Growing up in the South Bronx, right near Yankee Stadium, music was always a major player in shaping Eric’s life. Once the gift of creating music was discovered, at the tender young age of 10, Eric was giving hope in a sea of despair. The songs he began to write growing up, served as a soundtrack for his life. An escape from the hardships and the mental prison that made him different. “Hope can take a man a long way “.

Yet it was still very hard growing up for Eric to pursue his dreams. Along the way he faced many obstacles, and daunting trials and tribulations that would have caused many to crumble. Now in his later years of his music career, he has made a real push into the scene and looks to be a force to be reckoned with as we begin 2017! After finding his gift at the age of 10, Eric is still here, still standing, and still creating amazing passionate soulful music for his audience to hear. This year is his year, and he looks to pursue his dream with the level of resilience and determination that got him out of the obstacles he faced in the South Bronx,and led him to working on music full time!


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