Car vending machine opens in Texas

Texas residence now have such things as a car vending machine

“Carvana,” an online vehicle retailer, opened its second car vending machine in the United States Wednesday.

Houston’s version of the automated car dispenser is eight stories tall and can hold up to 30 cars, according to the Phoenix-based company. That’s three stories taller than its Nashville, Tennessee, counterpart. allows customers to search for and buy a vehicle online, including financing and trade-ins. Once the purchase is complete, customers can chose to have the car delivered to their door or pick it up at a vending machine.

Customers who pick the vending machine option, which is free, will be given a special coin when they arrive. They place the coin in a slot, which starts the process.

“We really want to make car buying fun again. And we feel like the self-service platform, kind of our brand, delivery or the pickup, really lines up with what we’re trying to do,” said Ryan Keeton, co-founder of Carvana.



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