At least 3 tornadoes confirmed in Central Texas

Multiple tornadoes touched down Sunday as powerful thunderstorms pushed through Central Texas, the National Weather Service confirmed Monday.

An EF-1 tornado with maximum winds near 90 miles per hour per hour caused damage in South Clifton and east of Lake Whitney, the weather service said.

A second, less powerful EF-0 tornado with winds as high as 85 miles per hour caused damage in other parts of Bosque and Hill Counties, the weather service said.

Damage reported near Coryell City in Coryell County is believed to have been caused by another EF-0 tornado.

The National Weather Service suspects, but has not yet confirmed that a tornado was the likely cause of damage to the Mexia State Supported Living Center, which was without power Monday.

In Clifton major damage was reported on Avenue G near Pecan Street.

A local satellite installation store, CC, Etc., was a total loss.

The storm caused roof damage and electronics inside the business were drenched in the downpour.

Just next to CC, Etc., several barns and structures at Derksen Portable Buildings were overturned and damaged.

Metal and wooden scraps were found scattered throughout Pecan Street.

Clifton Police Chief Trace Hendricks said there were no reports of injuries.

A tornado was reported in Laguna Park by fire officials but it wasn’t immediately clear what, if anything, sustained damage.

Power lines were damaged near the Lake Whitney Dam.

A spokesman at the Hill County Sheriff’s Department said significant damage was found on FM 1713 where a cowboy church and the associated training center was damaged, along with at least five homes.

The storm also upended boats stored on land and docked in a nearby marina.

Officials were asking local residents to avoid 1713 unless they had an important reason to be in the area.



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