Charli XCX Talks ‘After the Afterparty’ & Next Era: ‘I Just Wanted to Make a Party Record’

Since the  release of her sophomore album Sucker, Charli XCX has  definitely been working hard. She released her Vroom Vroom EP last February, hired PC Music’s A.G. Cook as her new creative director, and wrote and recorded her third full-length along with some partying.

“I just wanted to make a party record, and it feels like I finally unleashed my full inner-partier,” the 24-year-old singer-songwriter tells Billboard, adding that she’s had “a lot of great party moments” over the past few months. “After some PC Music show, we hired two limousines and were partying at 4 a.m. And then we were going back to my house, and then someone from PC Music was vomiting on my wall at my house in L.A. — which is great, but not so funny the day after.”

The single “After the Afterparty,”  was released Friday. The song is just a chunk of her wild times that  will most certainly be chronicled on her 2017 album. The electro-pop banger, featuring Lil Yachty, came together during her final writing session for the new LP last summer and snagged its guest star after the U.K. native reached out to the Atlanta rapper on Twitter.

“I had gotten really into Lil Yachty and wanted him to be on the song and dreamed up this scenario where I would tweet him and he would tweet back, which actually happened!” Charli exclaims. “I DMed him — I was like, ‘Hey, I really love your stuff. Do you want to be on my song?’ He was like, ‘Yeah, cool! I really love your last album!’ Which is weird, because I’m going through a phase of really hating my previous album at the moment, so I was like, ‘Oh, that’s cool that he likes it.’”

Sucker, which included the breakout hit “Boom Clap,” contained a punk attitude and power-pop sound . Its follow-up will act as a ‘palette-cleanser to the guitar arrangements and promises to contain a much higher BPM’ according to Billboard.

“Most of the songs on the album are about partying or about falling in love with someone after partying,” Charli says. “I’m still constantly going through different phases as an artist, and I’ve never made a ‘club’ album, or a record you could play in a club and dance to. I came from warehouse parties when I was 16, so I always wanted to make an album like that.”

After guesting on top 10 hits by Icona Pop (“I Love It”) and Iggy Azalea (“Fancy”), along with her own top 10 hit “Boom Clap,” how much does Charli care about the chart performance of “After the Afterparty”? “Some weeks I really care about it, and other weeks I don’t care at all,” she says. “But one thing I definitely was thinking about a lot throughout making this record was less about the singles and more about making a really cohesive album. Even though True Romance and Sucker are things that I’m proud of, they were all done in quite quick amounts of time, with a lot of people by the end of it and some parts over email. With this album, it was really just me, SOPHIE, Bloodpop and Stargate in a studio together, and that was something I definitely wanted to do.”


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