2 Chainz Serves Up ‘Hibachi For Lunch’ Mixtape

2 Chainz whipped up a new mixtape for the masses with the seven-track loosie Hibachi For Lunch. The mixtape features fellow rappers such as Migos’ Quavo, Gucci Mane, Ty Dolla $ign, and Future. Along with the release of the mixtape comes a new clothing collection of the same name.

Back in August, the @hairweavekiller explained his creative process in culinary terms. “You gotta go to the kitchen and gotta come up with some better ingredients. You gotta come up with something to make people hungry for you again. I’d say the last year and the half, that’s been my opponent, that’s been my thing.”

He also didn’t realize how much work he put in the past year till he looked online. “I literally go to work every single night,” he noted. “I record every single night so it’s not lack of music, it’s really just to find ways and different avenues to release this music. I never stop working my a– off.”

The Atlanta rapper has rolled out four projects so far in 2016, including the joint Lil Wayne project ColleGrove, and the mixtapes Felt Like Cappin’ and Daniel Son; Necklace Don. 

Check out Hibachi For Lunch below:


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